About JM Authentics


Welcome to my store page, JMAuthentics.com, I'm Jordan Murphy and I design and build every pad available on this site. 

I started making close up pads to facilitate my own routines and effects a number of years ago. I shopped around and found nowhere else was offering exactly what I needed, close up pads that contained crazy gizmos and gimmicks. I decided that if I could make my crazy ideas a reality I should definitely be doing the same for other people. As well as the "undisclosed" features I wanted the close up pads I make to be special, I wanted them to be made from premium materials that until now have been unavailable for card working surfaces. Surfaces like Aligator and Shark skin Velvets and completely custom designs made in the shop including The Ouija and Expert at the Card Table pads. When I make a pad, I want it to be perfect. The pads I make need to be beautiful and handle beautifully and I hope I can make your performance space dreams come to life. I want every customer to have a performing and practice environment that they are proud and excited to own and use.

Located in Birmingham, UK, JM Authentics is situated in the City of 1000 trades. From the Jewellery Quarter to it's rich history in the automotive industry, Birmingham has been at the forefront of innovation. A rich history that JM Authentics aims to continue.

Although I've been making tools and close up pads for magicians for a number of years, only now do I feel it's time to share this with the magic community. Accept no imitations, invest in quality.

I truly look forward to hearing from you.