Veteran Gator Close Up Pad/Mat (17x12")

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Designed and handmade by JM Authentics. The Gator Pad is the first of our Exotics range.

Featuring a Velvet working surface, embossed with an Alligator skin design and a metallic finish for seamless handling of your favourite deck.

The back of the pad is made from leather; chosen for its strength, stamina and the volume of friction against any surface it's on. Be it a table, or your knees; this pad isn't going anywhere. This surface doubles as an additional working surface perfect for effects like chop cup. Gator Pads are backed with Black leather, the red leather is now only available upon request.

Available in four sizes, 12x8.5" Explorer, 15x10" Voyager, 17x12" Veteran and 24x17" Navigator. This product is the 17x12" size.

The Veteran size is great for for practice and perfect for times when you wish to learn some new card/coin magic, offering a very generous 17x12" working space. This size is for those of you who love to practive but also want a great performance area you can take anywhere.

The core of the pads has been specially chosen via safety factor test to ensure that it is lightweight, extremely sturdy and warp resistant. This will ensure that the pad remains perfectly flat and balanced.

DISCLAIMER: All products on this site are handmade by me and I ask you to please allow up to two weeks for your purchase to be shipped.


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